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A short summary of Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges are Not the Only Fruit. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Oranges are Not the Only Fruit. This is the story of Jeanette, adopted and brought up by her mother as one of God’s elect. Zealous and . Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. Guardian book club: Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit uses the Bible as a source of both structure and meaning, says John.

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She was just another religious fanatic waiting for the end of the world while forcing her views on everyone else. Maybe I felt along with Jeanette so keenly because working-class northern-ness and being in trouble for being queer and weird are familiar territory.

This involves Bible quizzes, a stint as a tambourine-playing Salvation Army officer and a future as a missionary in Africa, or some other “heathen state”. Fiction needs its specifics, its anchors.

The only thing that is certain is how complicated it all is, like string full of knots. Arkwright 3 episodes, Refresh and try again.

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit: the Bible | Books | The Guardian

In Genesisas the Biblical Genesis talks about the Origin, or history of mankind, Winterson talks about the onpy of her origins and her history, her background – her adoption, her daily routine that came to be, and her involvement in the church.

Topics Books Book club. But I was engaged. So the Bible becomes the medium through which Jeanette expresses her own strength of mind. Inshe was awarded an OBE. This book is about a young narrator who is also named Jeanette that eats a lot of oranges, oh the symbolism, oranges everywhere!


Bible story

Overall, it’s a quirky little book, full of passion and self-revelation. This book is exactly like those gloves. I liked the character of the mother, the exploration of tight-knit church communities, and all the scenes where Jeanette is rae outcast in school for telling bible stories about hellfire and damnation while totally convinced that she’s doing a whole heap of good, and not understanding why people are such dicks to her about it.

Unfairly perhaps, I judge the work as dishonest and hence disappointing. Add the oramges question. David Sedaris is a little wincey in hindsight, too. Jeanette asks about her real mother.

Maybe Laura Doan’s essay ‘Sexing the Postmodern’about Winterson’s work and theme development over this and two subsequent novels The Passion and Sexing the Cherry gave me a hunger to read this that made it taste so good ‘hunger I’ve heard that her more recent take on the same material Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal is even better.

Jun 11, El rated it really liked it Recommended to El by: Retrieved 26 December How old should someone be before reading this book? Was this review helpful to you? The subtle Biblical references interspersed with the more obvious ones.

They were black and worn with a little embroidered heart at each wrist. Graham 2 episodes, Darren Scott I was twenty-five when I read this for the first time, and now upon re-reading it at fifty-three, I am as impressed and more moved than I was even then. Unfortunately, the tone is such an awkwardly comical one that it feels almost removed, and the character of Jeanette often reads silly.

I found this book completely baffling from beginning to end. Connections Featured in Breakfast: Virtue 2 episodes, Whitbread Award for First Novel But this one from is fine as they nto.

Lighthousekeepingcentres on the orphaned heroine Silver, taken in by the keeper of the Cape Wrath lighthouse, Mr Tthe, whose stories of love and loss, passion and longing, are interwoven in the narrative.


It’s a standard semi-autobiographical coming-of-age story, interspersed with some sort of Arthurian malarkey. It is a coming-of-age story about a lesbian girl who grows up in an English Pentecostal community.

To see it through her eyes, to realize that she sees it all in shining armor Jeanette learns from the Bible via her mother “the signs and wonders orahges the unbeliever might never understand”. Dec 13, Fabian rated it really liked it. Luckily the story evened out, and I was able to get through the rest of the short book without concern. Her husband was an easy-going man, but I knew it depressed him. Pastor Finch 3 episodes, Her friend Elise, old, eccentric, and surprisingly more open minded than Jeanette’s mother kept her company.

This film hit me hard. New characters were introduced and never fleshed out, and old characters were so similar to each other that I began to lose track and not care about who was who.

Key themes of the book include transition from youth to adulthood, complex family relationships, same sex relationships, and religion.

That what’s interesting when rereading a book after almost 10 years. Retrieved August 20, Jessica’s extraordinarily strong will and heart enables her to rebel against her fanatical, cult-like upbringing.

Virtue 2 episodes, Sharon Bower Trivia About Oranges Are Not t The novel with its humour that sometimes is sweet like honey and sometimes bitter like poison, is a critique on the absurdity, the inhumanity, and the silliness of religion. Retrieved from ” https: Books by Jeanette Winterson.