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KBasic is a powerful programming language, which is simply intuitive and easy to learn. It is a new programming language, a further BASIC dialect and is related. DroidBasic_General Manual KBasic Software started development on DroidBasic in (C)opyright Bernd Noetscher’s KBasic Software – New set of manuals about KBasic KBasic was developed by KBasic Software and has aroused much interest in the Internet. If we have made any mistakes.

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KBasic supports all VB6 operators. It is not a toy. With-Statement A very useful statement is the ‘With’-statement.

A variable is a space in memory used by KBasic to store values so variables are not stored in a file. This is called hiding, because it is not automatically visible anymore.

Well, this is where the exception to the comma delimiter rule comes in to play, which was mentioned earlier. By doing this, you will enable one module mmanual use one mode, while manuak another module uses another mode, and so on. Write your Basic code, and let it secretly handle the magic of Android features.

This happens when no object variable refers to the object because the object variable has been deleted or the value has been explicitly set to ‘Null. The arguments of a function-procedure are used as the arguments of a sub-procedure. It is easy to learn to write small programs with KBasic.


It is easier to read the code and is something like the lbasic ‘On Error GoTo. Computers understand one thing only, machine language or machine code, which is entirely composed of ones and zeroes from the binary numeral system. There are several free installers you can use. Returns ‘True,’ if the class name is the seeked name, or ‘False’ if it is different Syntax:. manuak

A function-procedure can also have arguments. Raise your own exceptions using the ‘Throw’-statement.

If the condition is ‘False,’ the statements after the ‘Else’ are executed. User defined types have been heavily used in the s and s, but today mnaual step behind ordinary objects. We recommend a screen resolution of x32bit, True Color. In addition, the KBasic garbage collector manuwl manages the allocation and deallocation of memory for the programmer. A compiler changes your program into an executable file that can be run directly by a computer.

There are two different ways to use the keyword ‘While’ in order to test a condition within a ‘Do…Loop’-statement. The most frequently used operation in transactional databases is the data retrieval operation.

The KBasic Manual – A Quick Reference Guide for the Development of KBasic Applications

A variable, which references an object, must be of type ‘Variant’, or ‘Object’, or specific object type like ‘Form’, ‘Font’… Some declaration of objects examples:. There are two ways to create arrays with elements of type ‘Variant.

If you do not need the return value, ignore it and use kbasicc function-procedure like an ordinary sub-procedure. Use of the ‘Protected’-Statement: Otherwise, the arguments being passed to the Mqnual function will not be in the correct order and will result in an error.


We cannot help you with technical problems related to the topics covered in this manual. Manually test a loop condition mabual the ‘Iterate Do’-statement. Now, before you run away, bear in mind that this speed is fast enough for nearly all kinds of GUI applications, which often wait for the user to input something. Use logical operators for performing bit operations or combining bits together.

It is like data hiding.

manual [KBasic]

At KBasic Software, we continously work to improve and expand DroidBasic to ensure that it always represents the state of the art in usability, look and feel, performance, and stability. Do not use periods, commas and other non-writable characters. Call of procedures with same name: Ideally you will also write a regression test so the bug does not get re-introduced in the future.

Inside procedure ‘SubAfter,’ all commands execute at least once because the condition is not true. Well, the pipe symbol tells us that only one of the two arguments listed between the braces must be selected.