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Education Commission or Kothari Commission This article throws light upon the twenty-two major recommendations of Kothari education commission (). The recommendations are: 1. Education and. PRINCIPAL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE KOTHARI COMMISSION/ EDUCATION COMMISSION, The Education Commission under the.

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For the qualitative improvement of teacher education, there should be reorientation of subject knowledge both independently and in collaboration with university departments, and where necessary, with the arts and science colleges doing post-graduate work.

This can become an instrument to build character, improve discipline, inculcate a faith commjssion the dignity of manual labour and to develop a social responsibility. The use of standardized achievement test is strongly recommended. Science and mathematics should be compulsory in the first ten years of schooling. Education and Comimssion 4. Athalye later replaced by S.

Working Group on Education of the Backward Classes The group had fifteen members and was mandated to focus on the education of the scheduled castescheduled tribe and other backward communities in India. Appointment of village teachers should be encouraged to koyhari the village women.

Two languages one modern Indian language and one classical or foreign language Any three subjects from a commisskon additional language, b History c Economics d Logic e geography f psychology g sociology h art i physics j chemistry k mathematics l biology comnission geology n home science Art Physical education Work experience Moral studies. It is on his personal qualities and character, his educational qualifications and professional competence that the success of all educational endeavour must ultimately depend.

The new educational structure should be as follows: For this purpose, education should be developed kothsri to increase productivity, achieve social and national integration, accelerate the pace of modernisation and to strive to build character by cultivating social, moral and spiritual values.

Programme for the education of the handicapped children School Education Curriculum 1. Research should be undertaken in the problems and techniques of multiple-class teaching.

Developing social, moral and spiritual values. Facilities for secondary education should accordingly be extended expeditiously to commsision areas and classes which have been denied these in the past.

Social, moral and spiritual values – The national system of education should emphasis on the cultivation of social, moral and spiritual korhari among students. Games and sports should be made not only to protect the rights of minorities but to promote their educational interests as suggested in the statement issued by the conference kkthari the Chief 194-66 of States and Central ministers held in August The expansion of science and technical education is necessary for modernization of society.


The modified Three Language Formula should include the following: The present century has made tremendous advancement in scientific and technical knowledge as a result of explosion of knowledge.

Frequent changes of textbooks should be avoided and their prices should be low enough for students of ordinary means to buy them. There must be a comprehensive programme of internship instead of block teaching. In order that India should keep pace with modernisation, driven by science based technology, the commission suggests the following: Radhakrishnan Commission in unit 2which deals with university education and Secondary Education Commission in unit 3, confined to secondary education only.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The Commission recommended a new structural pattern of education. Free supply of books and writing materials at the primary stage, the provision of book banks and textbooks, libraries in all institutions of secondary and higher education, 2.

It also recommended the establishment of guidance and counselling centres and a new approach in the evaluation of student commiswion.

But this commission was not to limit its enquiry to specific sectors or aspects of education, but to have a comprehensive review of the Entire Educational System. The Commission spent about hundred days in visiting universities, colleges and schools and held discussions with teachers, educationists, administrators and students.

The commission suggests earmarking of funds in the budget of centre and states, mobilising community resources, encouraging loans and grants-in-aid for construction of building. Hindi to serve as the link language and spread of Hindi in non-Hindi areas; 4. Chaglathe then minister of education. Explain the following kothati i Education and productivity.


Views Read Edit View history. New higher secondary course at class XI to be instituted and class XI and XII to provide specialised studies in different subjects; existing higher secondary schools with integrated courses in classes IX, X, XI running satisfactorily to be continued until class XII is added.


The members were V. Explain the appointment of the Education Commission of and its unique features. There should be parity in the pay scales irrespective of difference in management Liberal central assistance should be given to state governments for improving the salaries of school teachers.

Development of a scientific mind and outlook, tolerance, concern for public interest and public service, self -discipline, self reliance, initiative and a positive attitude to work. Shah, Amrik Singh, R. The commission recommended that the first external examination should be held at the end lothari class X and the second after class XII which will be end of the higher secondary stage.

Saiyidain, Raksha Saran, Premlila V. Verma and secretary, S. In order to remove theses defects, the government had to appoint a new education commission to advise the government on national pattern of education along commisskon general principles and policies for the development of education at all stages.

Working Group on Pre-Primary Education This kothrai was intended to work on the primary education and its standardization as the primary education till that time was unorganized with several different schools such as basic primary and Montessori systems in practice.

Task Force on Adult Education The group’s main objective was the eradication of illiteracy by focusing on adult education. At the secondary stage, the State Governments should adopt, and vigorously implement, the three-language formula which ‘includes the study of a modern Indian language, preferably one of the southern languages, apart from Hindi and English in the Hindi-speaking States, and of Hindi along with the regional language and English commissiion the non-Hindi speaking States.

Work-experience and national service, including participation in meaningful and challenging programs of community service and national reconstruction, kthari accordingly become an integral part of education. Jesudian, Shalini MogheA. Instruction of this type should be given by general teachers. Kothadi social and National Integration 3. Advance increment may be given to such teachers.