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La muerte de la moda, el día despues. Susana Saulquin. 2 likes. Book. A conversation with Susana Saulquin, an Argentinean fashion sociologist. Susana Saulquin sheds light on some confusing terms and the future.

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Andy Warhol said, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, during his exhibition in Ka intuition was right, as we live in the digital age of the selfie. The easy use of digital technology can put a spotlight on anyone instantly and muertf, so it has become a tool to become famous anywhere at any moment.

The fashion consumer does not show all the features yet that are important in order to drive the change in society.

The future begins with the conscious consumer but the current one is still attracted by the massive consumerism. The new figure will be trained in the possibility of making a choice and thinking by themselves.

Time for definitions with Susana Saulquin

To put it another way, a consumer that chooses freely, without paying attention to trends or fashions: I believe that the new trends are nesting in the social networks. The new consumer has an incipient training to surf these networks and shows a certain level of individualism, even though he still looks for the possibility of going viral. I think that mod press and the academic spheres would be of saulqkin help to raise awareness, but ultimately it means an insight, a personal process.


It all must fall into place for people to change. We are at a beginning of something and thus, communication and education are essential. Fundamentally, that it comprehends an ethical practise and that it has a clear traceability all the way back to its origin.

I believe there is going to be a change in the social system and clothing is a part of it. The society that is arising nowadays will be completely different.

Regarding the products and production system, it will be interdisciplinary.

I think that the changes will be huge in all the aspects of the system. However, I believe that the fashion system as we know it will endure for a time because there is too much money and interest at stake.

Scarica libri da Susana Saulquin

But it will eventually founder. It will be based on the artisanal production and localism, in other words, local design. To my view, the industrial scheme will be over. Another system, whose core will be a network of individualisms.


The digital system will remain. January 28, “Future begins with conscious consumers” A conversation with Susana Saulquin, an Argentinean fashion sociologist.

“Future begins with conscious consumers” | Welum

Click to enlarge image. Enlarge Susana Saulquin, a benchmark when it comes to sociology and fashion. Welum presents “Growing Sustainable” book Let ideas take root and grow your own Welum garden.

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