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Laughing Gas [P.G. Wodehouse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Due to a gaseous malfunction while simultaneously undergoing dental. Laughing Gas by PG Wodehouse. Wodehouse is usually thought of as a quinessentially British writer, but the fact is that he spent some time in. Laughing Gas is a rare Wodehouse dalliance with the science-fiction Read a book by P.G. Wodehouse in and reply to the original.

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What an amazing country America laughinb. Talk about every modern convenience. Do you mean you can simply go there and lap? We live in troubled times.

Reading Challenge: Laughing Gas (for troubled times) – Plumtopia

That Evelyn Waugh chappie wodehousf a thing or two when he said of Wodehouse: Or as the aforementioned Eggy says, on page 90 of the Everyman edition:. Lapping at the swamp of alcohol is one solution. Reading Wodehouse is another.

This week I opted for a dose of Laughing Gas, courtesy of my excellent local library. If you cast your mind wodehousd to January, you may recall my Wodehouse Reading Challenge. Set in Hollywood, where the Wodehouses lived in andLaughing Gas follows the adventures of Reggie Wodehouxe, who has unexpectedly become the third Earl of Havershot after the supply of eligible uncles and cousins has given out. Poor Reggie awakes from an emergency dental procedure dressed in knickerbockers and golden ringlets.

He has switched bodies with a precocious child film star called Joey Cooley, also under the influence of laughing gas in room the next door.


A bit breath-taking, the whole affair, you will agree. Of course, I had read stories where much the same sort of thing had happened, but I had never supposed that a chap had got to budget for such an eventuality as a possible feature of the programme in real life. I know they say you ought to be prepared for anything, but, I mean, dash it! I am in complete sympathy with poor Reggie. Restored to his mature self, Reggie is rewarded with an opportunity lzughing renew wodehousd addresses to Ann Bannister.

At first he hesitates, on account lahghing his gorilla-like appearance, but cousin Eggy and young Joey who has evidently spent too long in movie circles rally around with advice and encouragement. Walk straight up to her and grab her by the wrist and glare into her eyes and make your chest heave. Read a book by P.

Perhaps we ought to be handing out excerpts in pamphlet form to lzughing downtrodden masses — buck them up a bit, that sort of thing. And, naturally, reading Wodehouse aloud from a soap box at Hyde Park Corner.

The only problem being, of course, that one is liable to get pinched for copyright infringement. These are sad times…. What a great opening quote! A Wodehousian Freaky Friday-esque plot, that does sound quite strange. Yes, it seems the plot of having two people swap bodies was well used, even when Wodehouse wrote about it. Reblogged this on ashokbhatia and commented: In these troubled times, humour is an effective anti-dote to the kind of blues we face.


Could there be anyone better than Plum to help us in keeping our sanity intact?

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Or as the aforementioned Eggy says, on page 90 of the Everyman edition: I never met him. Harrow man, I expect. Next Remembering Percy Jeeves. July 9, at 7: July 9, wodehouss 8: July 10, at July 11, at 5: July 14, at 2: September 28, at 7: August 2, at 3: Leave a Wdoehouse Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Biff Sock Pow Finding the humor in everyday life.

Plumtopia Guide to life by Honoria Plum. PG Wodehouse the Satirist The comic genius in the guise of a satirist. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


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