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LEGO 30191 PDF

Items ItemName: Lego Scuderia Ferrari Truck polybag, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from. Buy LEGO Racers: Scuderia Ferrari Truck Set (Bagged): Building Sets – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Polybag Item Id: Packaging Height: Packaging Width: Packaging Length: Recommended Products. See All. Mini Turbo Shredder Polybag – LEGO® Bricks.

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30911 may 3011 already learned from the Brickset news archive reference: This Lego promotion, according to Brickset, will be available globally. This is the front of the polybag. All you can get from this set: The stickers many people hate them, I know are not that bad in 3091. They are nicely designed and produced. The whole series is presented on the second page. Thanks for the reminder from member Rocketbilly. I’ve added the release schedule of the cars.

The six cars will be released in three different phases as follows. According to Shell, people can choose any one of the two cars available in that particular phase: Now leyo allow me to shift our focus from the Lsgo set to the promotional leaflets of the promotional event.

Please bear with me; I have reasons to do this. Here is the first one:. Now turn to the second one:. Again the whole series is shown. Frankly speaking, I seriously doubt it because it will be very hard to manage the crowd. So please give me some ideas. One of the prizes is a set of exclusive Lego minifigs!! Good news can be found in the last promotional leaflet. Just a 5-min build. I applied all the stickers. I guess for a promotional set like this one, using stickers is unavoidable.

Some more angles for this tiny yet decent truck:.

Actually it’s not just a promotional leaflet! When you open it up, you will have the starting line:. But the one with the pull back motor should be a nice addition to anyone’s collection. But practice makes perfect. Hopefully, my next review will be better. Sharky is kind enough to find the official Lfgo version of the Hong Kong Shell promo webpage for us:.

Lego Racers Scuderia Ferrari Truck (30191)

The promotion will be subject to terms and conditions. For more details, please refer to the promotion leaflet and website. Actually, it is very insightful to me. I can’t really find much info about these sets and Elgo am very interested in getting all of them.


I didn’t know about the minifigures or that the leaflet turns into a starting grid.

LEGO Scuderia Ferrari Truck Set Instructions | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

I also wasn’t aware that they had a pullback feature. If I’m not mistaken those look like new torso stickers for the Ferrari race crew. The torsos are typically stickers in the Ferrari sets. It would be cool if they were printed, but I llego see that they are all stickers.

So, I gather that if you collect all 6 cars you can take the empty packages? Do you also have to buy gas for the minifigures, or do you simply pay for them, or both? Since 330191 are basically Leog Cars scaled I may look into getting 1 or 2 Cars sets that may serve as a backdrop to display these. It could easily be converted into a similar scaled Ferrari truck with some sticker applications. Thanks for your kind words. It’s really important for a newbie like me to receive support and encouragement from experienced builders.

Thank you once again. As for the minifigs, I just legl the leaflet again and found out that one can get one set of minifigs for FREE if one 1 submits 6 polybags or 2 purchase their lube change service or 3 buy 2 bottles kego Shell Rimula R6 LM no idea what it is. Your suggestion about CARS sounds great!! Mixing these Ferrari cars with McQueen or Mater should be fun!! There is also a 1: I believe it’s travelling 330191 Hong Kong to promote the event.

I saw it in Mong Kok. Just like what you said, the model was first transported to Mong Kok by a truck, showing to the public. This is the first wave of promotion. After that, it’ll be placed in a shopping mall in Shatin for display. The period, as shown on the leaflet, is 18 to 26 Aug NOT started yet. That’s why you couldn’t see it even though you went to Shatin.

I thought this was a really great review!!

Nicely legk with all the pictures and the details. I must say, the sticker placement was done really well too. I can’t do it that well. I hope you’re able to do the rest of the line on this!

I wonder if this will ever make it to the states. It should be interesting on how it works here. That solves that, then. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to go see it at some point. I was able to click through and find the official English version of the Hong Kong Shell promo webpage.


This is a great leo and you seem to have really gotten all of the information of the set and what’s happening with the leaflets. I can’t wait until these come to Canada I want my hands on them. 330191

These Ferrari sets are okay. It’s sad to see Racers replaced. I hope they make minifigure scale Ferrari sets in Thanks for the review! I’m only excited to get the black FXX.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Thanks for your support.

REVIEW Scuderia Ferrari Truck – LEGO Licensed – Eurobricks Forums

Thanks for your encouragement. I agree with you that these tiny sets are fine. The black FXX is really cool indeed.

At least two of these sets are almost exactly Cars 2 minis. One of them has the exact shape of Jeff Gorvette, and the F1 car pretty much the same build as the Italian badguy from Cars 2. Which, I’m guessing, the character was actually meant to be – I haven’t seen the movie, but there was a Ferrari subtheme in the first movie. Very interesting, well worded and ldgo.

These little sets certainly look very nice, and I look forward to being able to get one or two of them. I think you’re right about those minifigs, they don’t look printed to me. Possibly stickered, which is a shame but I suppose it makes sense since the sets will be hard to find and obtain I expect.

The little leaflet is also lovely, I like how it can function as a starting grid. When you pay for your fuel and go to buy your set, do you get to choose the set lebo like 03191 the full range, or just get given a random set? I’d be interested to know. Great review and very insightful on what these are all about. I think they are really cool and will be trying to get them all. I’m not familiar with the CARS series. I’m sorry I forgot to explain the release schedule at the onset. When you pay for your fuel, you can choose the model you want.

But these 6 cars are released in 3 different phases i. For now people can choose either the Truck or F I’ve just added this piece of information in my original post. Thanks for your reminder. I think they are small but lovely cars.