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LEGO set database: Coastal Rescue Base. Find great deals for LEGO Town Classic Coastal Rescue Base (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. LEGO Instructions Set Number Coastal Rescue Base – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions.

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I’d like to know if there is any place where I can confirm for sure if some of the classic sets are US only or not. I try to collect sets in their EU version, but sometimes I’m not sure if that set was only available in the US.

Brickset is a good reference, but sometimes I have the suspicion that some sets are indeed US only even if not stated as this in Brickset. The Lego Collector’s Guide is one possible reference, if you have access to leego. Do let me know if there are others you need to check.

It’s strange, I’ve never seen an in European box I know that US and Canadian sets that were sold in stores needed to have a piece count and they usually had the name of the leo on leo top of the box as well as the theme in the upper right corner. But US S H sets usually did not have a piece count, theme or name on them. So are those considered European boxes then? I can’t find pictures of a non-US box though.

I’m quite sure I once saw this set in a Dutch shop, if not in Belgium or Germany. Most likely it was boxed in an European box version. A while ago I searched for something else, and then I saw this leaflet. When you started this topic, I remembered the picture of a box. It was still in my internet history. The was just a Google find searched “lego “. I found a picture of a European box. I own the set myself and it also came in this European box, with European leaflets. This picture is not mine, but taken from Brickshelf.

American ‘legoland’ and ‘system’ boxes are quite easy to recognize. The European boxes don’t have all these specifications. Canadian boxes from the 80s have the peace count but are usually packed somewhat different.

Packaging was done locally by Samsonite which is also stated on the box itself. Now talking about European issues is in my mind totally wrong, and that’s one of the major problems with the German Collector’s Guide.

Sets may be available in some European countries but not everywhere. The coastal base set mentioned above was only available in the UK regular issue there and on a very limited base in The Netherlands which is why there’s a European style box.

Instructions For LEGO 6387 Coastal Rescue Base

I don’t call this ‘available in Europe’. I’m also interested in an accurate source but I’m afraid there isn’t. As stated by one of the creators of the Collector’s Guide, they based their book on personnal experience, on lots of research mainly in official catalogs and advertizement and with some limited help of TLG itself but without archives I suppose this set was released in the UK and Germany as you sometimes see it for sale on eBay.


Most of the other 17xx sets were also released elsewhere.

I think only the value packsand are US only. The sets from up to were only available through some airline companies Asian and European for sure, don’t know about North American.

6387-1: Coastal Rescue Base

Theme triangle you mention that is common to so many series of the era Divers, Rescue, etc. It’s typical for US boxes.

The differences that I can recall are as follow starting with the appearance of the minifig in The rest of the world including Canada used the Leggo standard. The European boxes had none of these specifications on the box.

In fact, the European box 63387 was more likely the International version. It was also distibuted to Japan, China and probably other countries outside the EU. From 13 to 15 languages were used on the side for informational messages and the required European Conformity CE marking was also present. The Canadian boxes were also different until Packaging was outsourced to Samsonite which was also stated on the box. The leg structure could be different, like the fact they didn’t use trays on mid-range legoland sets ie.

The legal statements were also on the box, but always in English and French, obviously tabarnak!

These differences apply on boxes from the 80s and the 90s. The current system is probably different. You have described all the differences nicely.

The piece count is the one difference you can find across all time periods, and is still there today. In the US and Canada, the larger boxes with flaps also contained some text inside the flap, in English, French and sometimes Spanish. Before or so, it said something about the “creativity and quality craftsmanship” of Lego sets and after that point, it became a short description of the theme instead.

I don’t think the European boxes had this text. Japan and South Korea actually had their own localized versions of the boxes around the early 90s. They were similar to the European boxes in most ways, but contained the set names and what I think are the theme names in those respective languages. But the triangle in particular that started showing in the 90s Divers, Rescue, Nautica For the most part this is true, however there are some exceptions on the US version sets.

Sets like rock island refuge and lagoon lockup Below is a European yellow box from and an American blue box from Intercoastal seaport was not available in the US until American boxes had a remark on the back that you could build all the sets shown. European boxes implied it. The bottom of the boxes are different. The piece count is usually here for American boxes but sometimes it is on the front.

I got mine through S H and it came in an EU box. I am desperately looking for a US version of this set. Sets like rock island refuge and lagoon lockup did not show the pirates theme in the corner and both are fromso I don’t think that the corner theme started until Honestly, I don’t know about Pirate sets. I’ve more experience with town sets. About the Intercoastal Seaport: Sets produced until were still in yellow ‘Legoland’ boxes.


Some of them were reproduced the next years, either due to good sales sets were usually produced in one batch for several years of sales or maybe because they planned the change of the general color scheme and produced less boxes with the old layout.

These reproduced sets were then delivered in the new blue ‘System’ box. I’ve for example two European boxes of the Fire Control Center, a yellow ‘Legoland’ one from and a blue ‘System’ one dated from I don’t know about the crocodile engine. I don’t see it in my US catalogs and it seems no US sellers has one for sale on bricklink.

LEGO Town Classic Coastal Rescue Base () | eBay

I didn’t even know S H existed in the early 90s. Thanks for the info. That means there are 4 different boxes for and probably a lot of other sets. As I was looking lebo this catalog again, I noticed that some sets were advertised in their boxes. It seems that there are some town sets that lack themes and therefore understandably they legoo not have the triangle. That particular set is actually a bit unusual. TLG not only changed the box style and color, but the picture of the model became completely different.

I only have the Legoland version but have seen pictures of the System one too. All the 1xxx town sets are either promotional or limited releases, usually exclusive to a store chain and limited to one or a few countries. So, it might be tricky to find out were it was sold. Limited releases based on dragster racing and other exotic kego sports were usually intended for the 63877 market as regular sets such as,,, etc.

In the case ofthe set was released in atleast one European country: I got it back at the time when we were quite lucky in Belgium mid 80s to 90 to have a lot of exclusive sets such as the Containrer Lorry, Holiday 63887, etc. I do remember having seen a US box with ‘Town System’ written below ‘Legoland’ on the front but I can’t find any examples, I’m not sure though.

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