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17 Items ItemName: Lego Rebel Wrecker, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy % complete with box, inner tray and box, instructions, catalog and all parts. View LEGO instructions for Car Engines set number to help you build these LEGO sets. To find the free building instructions for your specific set, simply type the name of the set or the product number in the Product field. The product number is the 4.

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Ah a good old retro review. Those old school days had some pretty impressive sets, with alot more complexity than modern sets.

If you have it may I recommend ? You can also rig up the Technic flag sticker that it comes with to the main model. I’ve done that on mine. You may want to reinforce it with tape if you’re going to leave the model on display though, as it will break up over time due to UV exposure like many stickers do.

I had to do that with mine after it started to crack, although it still looks pretty good. The others have been destroyed – must have been the bad decaying sticker quality that breaks when you’ll remove it – so I printed them.

I didn’t print the flag for only the alternate model needs it, although it’s a neat idea! I got it when it first came out and still love it: The rear suspending part containing the differential and some gears was shown different on the box from the instructions. In the instructions it showed that the grey part of the suspension in the back had to be made using a 1×2 smooth tile and 4 cornerplates 2×2 in grey.

The box however showed leo much sturdier solution using a 1×8 tile and a 1×8 plate. It is also visible on the cover of the instructions.

The half bush right next to it is Could be that the Technic Triangle is missing. I do believe they’re the same like in So where’s your deference? I’ve seen a few cases like this where the box pictures are slightly different from the actual model. The Airtech Claw Rig compressor is another one that comes to mind. The changes sometimes seem pointless and make you wonder why they bothered.

The other stickers on mine have held up pretty well, although I didn’t try to remove them after I put them on. The flag started to break after a year or so and just fell off its axle at one point. I taped leggo it and it’s holding up well now, although it’s a instructkons frayed along one edge. This is actually the earliest set I’ve seen that uses this crappy sticker material which is unfortunately very common today. Even other Technic sets had good stickers for many years after that.

  EIC 4021 PDF

I just remembered one other fun aspect of this set: The crane hook can be attached to the underside of the rear lsgo, to hold it in position while driving along, but when things are like this and you try and wind up the cable the winch lgeo strong enough to break the original provided Lego rope It ‘worked’ with my copy.

But still, one of the best Technicsets I have, with all stickers intact. I’m not so sure about that flag though, must check on that. Wow, that first picture is great! You must lebo a very wide angle lens with the capability to focus very close macro. The perspective makes the model look huge. I think the suspension on this set is my favorite of all Technic. It has such large travel and is so At my school leaving examination I made a model in Blender3D and explained to the board of examiners how lrgo build a car and how to animate it.

It needed a color, so I took red “because instructoons beautiful and fast cars are red Did you use Ferrari to prove your point? Any physics teacher would have to admit that a really fast car, approaching the speed of light, will always look red as it drives away due to red shift!! On the other hand, looks pretty fast and it is black, although I have instructoins pictures of one that someone instructikns in red.

Yellow might be good too. Some cars even look fast in green. The gear rack has been used in this years Buggy! I also happened to receive this set this weekend, virtually MISB the seals on the side of the box were loose, however everything inside was untouched. This little beast a joy to build and even more so to play with! As indicated by Eric on the technicopedia page, it’s crammed with nistructions for a medium-sized set.

I think I love it even more than my son does.

Bargin, great to get old sets unopened, peeling the plastic off of the specialist parts was always cool! That price is exceptional.

LEGO SET 8858-1 – Rebel Wrecker

It’s less than what I paid for mine 9 years ago, and is even less than the original price of the set. Note that the stickers in this set are the bad variety that will crack and peel over time. If you want to preserve them the Technic flag in particularyou will need to tape over it. This is indeed a very special set, and was a pleasure to build.


The only flaw I noticed was weak support of the rear drivetrain, which was easily corrected with a few extra plates. Don’t have that much problems with that rear train. Instruftions least if i you don’t trow the model down the stairs or something like that The parts made redundant were left in the built model, that’s why there’s that useless 8-tooth gear there: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account?

Prev 1 2 Next Page pego of 2. Posted March 9, This is my third old-school technic set review!

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thanks for reviewing all these old sets! Will you be doing any more? If I rebuild and wash a model I will record it.

Glad to see you liked it! This set is really cool. I might actually get it! Posted March 10, I also sort out the pieces the same way if I’m rebuilding a model. I keep that in mind. One of my is already dusty enough! Thanks for reviewing this classic set.

This set puzzled me though, back in the days. The pieces I mean are in this picture: You’ve just motivated me to go on a “senseless-preliminary-design-errors-hunt”!

A few things I’ve discovered: Left Side Alternate Model: The 1×8 Tile simonwillems pointed out The half bush right next to it is Who can find more? Hey, why do you only review sets which are red?

LEGO Technic Rebel Wrecker (#8858)

A neat review of a cool set with very informative pictures, thanks BerndDasBrot! Posted March 11, I can remember that I’ve seen a few color variations on brickshelf and on ebay They sold well. It’s new and familiar at the same time. That makes it more interesting! Posted March 23, Reread your review today! This IS a fabulous model. It is small and has great working parts. I love the way the front-suspension is made! I only had the light-stickers replaced with trans-clear bricks.

PICTORIAL REVIEW: Rebel Wrecker – LEGO Technic and Model Team – Eurobricks Forums

Love the front suspension. Posted March 24, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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