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The aerial parts of Lepechinia caulescens provided the new diterpene 7β- hydroxy-abietan-8(14)-enoic acid 9α,13α-endoperoxide which decomposes to. Lepechinia caulescens – University of California Botanical Garden – DSC JPG 3, × 4,; MB. 0 references. taxon name. Lepechinia caulescens. Lepechinia caulescens is a species of plants with 81 observations.

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Spasmolytic action of Lepechinia caulescens is through calcium channel blockade and NO release. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 3: Abietanoid acid from lepechinia caulescens.

Phytochemistry Oxford 31 9: Di- and triterpenoid acids from Lepechinia caulescens. In vitro anti-Vibrio cholerae activity of essential oil from Lepechinia caulescens.

Neotropical Plant Portal – Lepechinia caulescens

Ursolic acid mediates the vasorelaxant activity of Lepechinia caulescens via NO release in isolated rat thoracic aorta. Life Sciences 79 Blood glucose level decrease caused by extracts and fractions from Lepechinia caulescens in healthy and alloxan-diabetic mice. Pharmaceutical Biology 39 4: Withanolides with phytotoxic activity from Jaborosa caulescens var. Journal of Natural Products 70 5: Triterpenic constituents of Lepechinia chamaedryoides.


Lepechinia caulescens

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 57 5: Volatile constituents of Lepechinia calycina. Mechanism of mifepristone-induced spasmolytic effect on isolated rat uterus.

Life Sciences 66 Abietane diterpenoids from Lepechinia meyeni and Lepechinia hastata. Spasmolytic effect of Zataria multiflora Boiss faulescens extract on rat uterus. General Pharmacology 26 6: Spasmolytic effect of constituents from Lepechinia caulescens on rat uterus.