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[READ] Lg Kf Manual[FREE]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Lg Kf Manual file. Download LG KF SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service kg700. Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KF phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology.

Changing your video call settings Adding a city to your world clock Settings Changing your screen settings Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls. You can change the sequence of menus from Shortcut dial setting. You can adjust the volume level when enjoying music, games and during a call. Close contact with a magnetic object may cause a malfunction of the wheel key. Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched mwnual, as this may damage the phone.

Insert the charger and plug into a mains electricity socket. Your KF will need to be charged until a message reading Fully Charged appears on screen. Memory card Installing a memory card Expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card. The KF will support up to a 4GB memory card. Remove the cover then slide the memory card into the slot at the top, until it clicks into place.

Touchscreen tips The standby screen is also a great place to get accustomed to the InteractPad. Please do not cover the antenna area with your hand during a call or whilst using a Bluetooth connection. Changing your Status from the status Touch the icon that represents your current setting amnual the status bar and the Status Summary will open. In-call options Mute – Touch to turn off the microphone so the person you are talking to cannot hear you.

Mwnual – Touch to turn on the speaker phone. End – Touch to end the call. Hold – Touch to put a caller on hold. Touch Resume to continue your conversation. There are two arrows at the top of the screen which allow you to scroll between: Choose whether to divert all calls, when the line is busy, when there is no answer or when you are not reachable then touch Activate.

Touch Divert to activate. Charges are incurred for diverting calls. Touch Video call setting. Choose the settings of your video calling.

Determine whether to Use private image and Select private image, and switch on the Mirror so you can see yourself on screen. Contacts Searching for a contact There are two ways to search for a contact: From the standby screen From the standby screen touch the address book. From the main menu Touch and tap and select Contacts. If you delete a group, the contacts which were assigned to that group will not be lost.


LG KF Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Jordan

They will remain in your address book. You can edit an existing group by Choose to do this one at a time, or all at once.

There are two ways to enter the messaging centre: Touch from the standby screen. Touch from the standby screen, then and select Messaging.

Setting up your email You can stay in touch on the move using email on your KF Touch Send and your email will be sent.

Retrieve interval – Choose how often your KF checks for new email messages. Filter – View your message by type. Service message – Choose to receive or block service messages. You can also set your message security by creating trusted and untrusted lists of senders. Camera Taking a quick photo Press the key on the right hand side of the handset. Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject of the photo.

Slightly press the capture button. To recall the options touch the screen again. Settings – Touch this icon to open the settings menu. Shutter sound – Select one of the pre- set shutter sounds. See Using the inner camera on page 37 for details. Using the inner camera Your LG KF has a x inner camera, not just for video calling but for taking pictures too.

To switch to the inner camera touch then select. The photo will reveal the name, the date it was taken, the size in kilobytes and pixels and the image type e. Touch to close the details and view the photo. Video camera Shooting a quick video Press the camera key on the right side of the phone.

Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject of the video. Voice – Choose Mute to record a video without sound. See Using the inner video camera on page 42 for details.

Memory in use – Choose whether to save your videos to the Handset memory or to the External memory.

LG KF700 Manual / User Guide

Using the inner video camera Your LG KF has a x inner camera, not just for video calling but for recording videos too. To return to the main msnual touch and then TIP! You can still alter the video size, video quality, duration, mute, white balance, colour tone and more by touching in the same way Alternatively, use the jog wheel next to the camera lens.

  460UTN B PDF

Touch the video still or photo to bring it to the front of the gallery screen. Then touch i to see more information. Draw something on your photo freehand. Select the thickness of the line from the four options.

To change the colour of the line see LG KF User Guide below the colour icon will change to the manuzl you have selected. Adding text to a photo From the editing screen, touch Input the letter you want. Enter your text using the keypad and touch Done. Adding an effect to a photo From the editing screen, touch Choose to apply any of the six options to Touch and select a colour. The part of the photo selected for colour accenting will change to the selected colour.

Select Save to save the changes. Shut down – Set an image to appear when you switch the phone off.

Contacts image – Allocate an image to a particular person in your contacts list so that the picture shows when they call you. Touch then Touch My stuff then My images.

A box will mqnual to the left of each image. Using the video options menu From the My videos folder, you can choose from the following options: Use as – Set a video as your ringtone. Send – Send a video to a friend. Move – Move a video clip from the phone memory to a memory card or vice versa. To transfer using Bluetooth It is used in the same way as the Documents folder. Use as — You can set the song as an effect sound.

LG KF700 User Manual

Resetting channels Touch then Touch FM radio then Choose Reset to reset the current channel or choose Reset all to reset all of the channels.

Each channel will return to the starting Listening to the radio Touch then Touch FM radio then touch the channel number of the station you would like to listen to. A list of your Bookmarks will appear on the screen.

Enter a name for your bookmark followed by the URL. Once you have changed your settings, select OK. You can use either the USB cable or Bluetooth.

Each day will be shaded red. When you come to set an alarm, you can choose to exclude days set as holiday. You can back up and synchronise your calendar with your computer. See PC Sync on page