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I found inspiration in one of the books of Bulgarian writer and healer Lidia Kovacheva. I tied her method with 20 days fruits diet. I liked the result. Престрелките. Lidia Kovacheva, famous Bulgarian dietician, known for her healing hunger system died at the age of 88 last Saturday. She was born on. Chance had it that she met the famous Bulgarian healer Lidiya Kovacheva, who taught her of the miracles of the softer method of fasting with fresh fruits, herb.

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An artist, a healer, an enlightener. What’s transient has really gone but the essence of Lidia has never left us. With her healing system based on fruits and herbal tea she’s helped tens of oidia of people from all over the world to cure not just their bodies but their souls as well.

ЛИДИЯ КОВАЧЕВА LIDIA KOVACHEVA with English subtitles (closed captions) and transcript

Although she was an artist or maybe just because of her creative view of the world Lidia Kovacheva managed to create a unique healing method which has enlisted Bulgaria in the global health protection.

Today nutritionists from different corners of the world apply what Lidia has created. But our story is going to be about those several Bulgarians who, just like apostles, do not only apply but further evolve her healing system invoking back to life their teacher having gone from this world years ago. On August the 31st Lidia Kovacheva would have celebrated her centenary. With cordial words and bright hearts we commemorate her anniversary.

Ever since I’ve become a trainer I’ve been interested in nutrition. I started fasting when I began reading Blavatsky and then Vera Marinova, a distinguished sports journalist, told me that in Bulgaria we had a certain Lidia Kovacheva who was dealing with healing through fasting and nutrition and taking control of our lives and our energy with the way we feed ourselves.

That was a really fortunate day for me — the day I met this exceptionally radiant woman with those really blue eyes, so blue that one remembers them forever. It was the ninth day of my fasting on water only. Then Lidia told me, “Let it not be just on water. Lidia was totally devoted to this cause — traditions in nutrition, alternative healing through fasting, selection and combining of food.

I remember, when I travelled to America she asked me to get her Dr. Shelton’s book and I had some books from the Soviet Union so if both in America and in the Soviet Union one and the same healing and nutrition is being recommended then the truth should be really there.

The Funeral Customs in the Folk Traditions of Greece and the Territory of the Republic of Macedonia

Come on, speak up! Some 15 years ago I started digging oovacheva and deeper in folklore and tradition. We prepare many shows. Tradition is not just music, songs and dances. Our whole life is tradition. We have tradition in law but in nutrition as well. If we really wish to be a healthy and able nation we need to think about it.


Traditionally our folk has had simple and healthy eating habits. But what do we do now: Out of love we stuff our kids with food rejected by the West but we gladly give it to our children and poison them with food that makes them dumber liia the preservatives it contains. Give it a little. I cannot even say “Let’s remember Kobacheva.

I cannot say “I remember” as if for someone who has been and has already gone. Lidia is among us. She has her followers. Enter the rich ones.

In Memorium

After fasting for a while one starts feeling a kind of lightness and one does not feel like eating at kovscheva. I wouldn’t advise anybody to follow my example.

Use your arms and shoulders! Since we are talking about nutrition and Lidia Kovacheva I’d like to share my experience. It was in or I made a nine-day fast and then another one for 14 days. Before each fast I used to eat only raw food for a whole month. Rade, go in now. When I realized how much energy a fasting gave me I naturally started fasting during every contest.

For one very hard contest I fasted for 23 days only on water. I did not feel any fatigue at all. I slept only for four hours a day and held training sessions lasing for ten hours at least.

Listen to the music! I fast each Wednesday and Friday for 24 hours evening to evening. I don’t have breakfast in the morning, just coffee. And I avoid having late meals. Now I fast for days only when I get ill. When a person is sick one doesn’t have to eat in order to get well but has to follow the example of animals. When an animal is sick it hides away, avoiding any contact, declining any food. Everybody shout “Who, who? If it wasn’t for us a child knows what to do.

A child is driven by instincts. Lidia once told me how she treated her son when he was ill – with fasting only. When my daughter used to get sick I always let her decide for herself when to eat or not to eat. Put your right hand over the metal plate and hold the electrode with your right hand.

Georgieva met Lidia Kovacheva in looking for cure for her serious health problems which were incurable by traditional medicine.

Georgieva today combines what she learned from Lidia with the latest technical advances in medicine. When Lidia Kovacheva looked at me with her blue eyes I just believed deeply in her system because I felt that our body had to be balanced and we had to believe in what we do.

Only then there would be results. I went through a lot of fasting programs under Lidia Kovacheva’s control in the course of two years lasting from 10 to 15 days followed by a rational vegetarian regime. Later on from a patient I became a diligent follower of Lidia Kovacheva’s ideas and the idea of a natural lidis of living and nutrition.

Together we worked, kovqcheva the health conditions and in the year together we founded the center for natural medicine and health-starving treatment in Bankya. She was my kovqcheva teacher who gave me strength to go on through the years in combining the power of traditional kovavheva with natural cures which I learned from Lidia. Whenever there is some problem I remember her words: Georgieva has lidka her most pressing issue: Following strictly Lidia’s instructions Verginia has become a mother at the age of The child has grown healthy with no problems whatsoever and his breastfeeding continued for two and a half years.


My son is the living proof that Lidia Kovacheva’s system is well adapted to the modern lifestyle. He eats lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, drinks lots of liquids and juices and he is a healthy and vital young man. With his daily fitness plan Dr. Georgieva’s son and his friends prove that Lidia Kovacheva’s system is totally applicable to those kovacyeva actively for sports.

File:Lidia Kovacheva home with memorial – Wikimedia Commons

The system is suitable for children too by encouraging them to eat more fruits and vegetables, with less chemistry in their therapy and more herbal tea. Thus we are going to get results in our practice.

I have proven it. Unlike the not so distant past today more and more fitness instructors claim that perfect physical shape can be achieved by being vegetarian as well. Just like ancient philosophers the nowadays vegetarians successfully combine natural diet with sports and learning. The actor from the National Theatre Yurii Angelov is one of the many artists in Bulgaria having saved their personal and professional life thanks to Lidia Kovacheva’s system. Here is what he told us.

She welcomed me to her home like I was her own child. At that time she was forbidden to heal other people. She was saving lives just like Dimkov did but were forbidden by the authorities. She always welcomed me at her doorstep.

I was crawling up the stairs exhausted by the starvation, looking awful, scared to look in the mirror and she, with her heavenly presence and that halo of her white hair, with her incredible smile and tender voice used to say to me: Thus, gradually, in the course of two years I kovachdva put on feet again.

Lidia Kovacheva saved Yurii Angelov so that he could speak to you now. I went to the country and in my contact with animals, nature, the local people, the songs of Strandzha mountain I completed the healing process I started with Lidia Kovacheva.

People should be happy that nowadays many people turn to nature and the natural methods of healing. Back then it was only Lidia Kovacheva and Dimkov.

Now everybody is favored. Emilova was lidiia to Lidia Kovacheva’s home and we were cured together. Later on she opened a sanatorium. There are other well acquainted healers, too. Along came the Chinese, the Tibetan healers. It is a whole chain of natural healing. But Lidia Kovacheva was the first one. She was the pioneer of the natural way of living. These are hard times when all the foods are fake containing lots of E-s.