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Bharat Ratna Award Winners – Here is the Updated and Complete list of Bharat Ratna Award Recipients. Visit our website for more information. 3 days ago Find the list of all people awarded by highest and most prestigious civilian award – ‘Bharat Ratna’. The Bharat Ratna awards are given by the. List of Bharat Ratna Awardees. Do you know the anmol ratans of Bharat? Bharat Ratna,is the country’s highest civilian award instituted on 2 January

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It came into ljst on 2nd January The award was in recognition of extraordinary performance in the field of literature, science, public services and arts only.

Bharat Ratna Award Winners

This award belongs to all people of India without any discrimination of sex, race and age. Previously award belonged to only limited criteria but in December the criteria was changed to include all fields of human endeavour. Maximum 3 nominees may be awarded per year and recommendations for the same are specially made by PM to the President.

A Sanad certificate signed by the President and a medallion in the shape of a peepal-leaf are the only two things being given to the recipients; no money is granted with the award. In the Indian order of precedence, Bharat Ratna awardee comes at seventh position.

But Bharat Ratna recipients are constitutionally prohibited to use award name as title as per Article 18 of the Constitution of India. He was well known as a politician, writer, Indian lawyer and an independence activist. He is also a founder of Salem Literary society and gives suggestions for the welfare and scholarship for Dalit students.

After Lord Mountbatten left India in he became the first and last Governor General of India and held that position till Inhe formed the Swatantra Party against Congress and this party stood for equality and government control over the private sector.

He also worked on many other highest lis like: He is always remembered for his remarkable and distinctive contribution to our country and for this contribution he was one of the first recipients to get the highest civilian award of India, the Bharat Ratna in He was a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas. He was a great researcher in field of Physics. He discovered bhaarat quantum nature rtna light and also explained that, when light travels through a transparent material, some of the deflected light changes its wavelength, bhqrat he also observed that the light quanta and molecules changes their energy which show itself as a change in the colour of the scattered light later named as Raman Effect.

In field of science, it was a remarkable discovery; he was the first Asian to get Noble Prize for his excellent discovery of Scattering of light. He also set up Raman Research Institute near Bangalore. For his magnificent contribution to the Country in the field of Physics he was awarded inthe rahna civilian award, Bharat Ratna. Due to strong heart attack on November 21, bhaart great scientist passed away.

In 20th century this most prominent and leading Indian philosopher, academic and statesman was born on 5th September, at Thiruttani. In his entire life he chooses the extensive writing career. Radhkrishnan wanted to define religion of the spirit and Hinduism all over the world.

His extensive knowledge about the western philosophy has earned him the reputation of being a bridge—builder between India and the west. His most of the philosophy was based on Advaita Vedanta. He was awarded in with the highest award of the nation Bharat Ratna for his marvellous contribution in field of academics.


It was his view that the teachers should be the best minds in the country. He also chaired the position of od Vice chancellor of Andhra University and became the first Vice President of India —62 and the second President of India from to bhaarat On 17th April, at Chennai, this great leader and philosopher of India died. Bhagwan Das was among the 3 awardee in for the Bharat Ratna. Das was a scholar in Sanskrit and he wrote approx.

During the Non-co-operation movement he later joined the Indian National Congress.

He lived 6 years as a sadhu and studied the ancient science of Nada Yoga under the guidance of his Guru Neem Karoli Baba. He was the open heart singer and first Kirtan Artist in America. In collaboration with Annie Besant he was instrumental in founding the central Hindu college which later became Central Hindu School. He died on 18 September He was the 4th recipient of this award. Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaray had a long and respected career at the national and international level.

He completed his higher qualifications from University of Madras and College of Engineering, Pune He worked for the city of Hyderabad as a Chief Designer of the flood protection system. From to he worked on the position of the Diwan of Mysore and then he was knighted as a Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire.

He also received the appreciation from Indian government for his remarkable contribution to our country in different fields but especially for the education and the engineering sector. He expanded the boundaries of the engineering field and modified the study pattern of engineering sector. Every year on his birthday recipieents Sept India celebrates Engineering Day to give tribute to this great personality.

He was awarded with the Bharat Ratna in The great engineer passed away on 12th April, After returning recipiente India, Nehru ji got greatly involved in the freedom struggle.

He was a great socialist and represented the left-wing wing within the Congress party. Gandhi ji was especially fond of him and mentored him as his most trusted ally.

Nehru ji through his deep commitment and efforts quickly became the most important leader of the National movement after Gandhi ji. He became the Congress President for the first time in and recupients that the Complete Independence listt the British is the goal of national movement. Nehru ji was a great believer in the modern thoughts of secularism, socialism and democracy; after Independence these visions were incorporated in the free India.

He became the first Prime Minister of the independent India and governed the country till rfcipients death 27 May As the PM, he embarked upon to make India a modern, forward looking and progressive nation; several scientific and research institutions such as IITs and Atomic Energy Commission were founded; he gave great impetus to industrialization and started the mechanism of Five Year Planning for planned development of the country.

In foreign policy matters, he was one of the architects rdcipients Non-Aligned Movement and gave India a new direction which was of non-alignment from the power politics of two superpowers of the times, the US and USSR- this initiative made the newly independent nation free from Block politics and alignment.

Non-align Movement is the ratnna legacy of Nehru ji which is still one of the main foreign recipinets themes of the country. His health continued to decline and on 27 May he died of heart attack.

The Bharat Ratna was awarded to him in the year A Great freedom activist G. Pant Ji was born on 10 Sept at Khoont village near Almora.

He was popularly known as Pandit Pant by the people of India. He started movement to established Hindi as an official Language of India. In as a lawyer Pant started to work actively in the movement against the British Raj. He attained the approval of the other members of the party and with his exceptional leadership skills he soon joined the Congress Party as rztna Deputy Leader.


He participated in several movements during the freedom struggle of India with Gandhi Ji and Pt. In year he also served the position of Union Home Minister of our country till On the name of this magnificent politician many schools, hospitals and university are opened worldwide. All over the world Pantnagar University is a best example of agricultural university and for exceptional work done by him he was awarded one of the most important awards of the country, the Bharat Ratna in DuringKarve started teaching mathematics at Fergusson Bhart in Pune.

After that Karve decided to dedicate his whole life to the upliftment of female education. He bhaeat lots of work for uplifting the status of widows.

Besides dedicating his life to the freedom and education of women in India, he raised his voice against for the abolition of the untouchability in Hindu Rcipients and Caste System. For his life time contribution to an Indian Society he was awarded with the Bharat Ratna by Government of India in He was a meritorious student.

He pursued medical career and because of his exceptional talents cleared two of the most prestigious medical degrees, M. He dedicated his whole life for work in the area of medicine, science, philosophy, literature and arts. Later on inhe was elected as the Chief Minister of West Bengal and served the State for next 14 years. As a CM, he founded five important cities in the Sate: Durgapur, Kalyani, Bidhannagar, Ashokenagar, rratna Habra. For his contribution in the development of West Bengal he recpiients being remembered as the og of modern West Bengal.

For ilst extraordinary contributions in field recipkents medicine and development of West Bengal, Dr. Roy was awarded with Bharat Ratna on 4th Feb Every year, on 1st July Dr. Purushottam Das Tandon is best remembered for his contribution towards helping to make Hindi the official language of India. Later he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of India in the year He also honoured the post of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh for a period of 13 years from July 31, to August 10, This great Jurist and exceptional freedom movement activist was born in Zeradei, Bihar on December 3, Rajendra Prasad was a very meritorious student in recipeints childhood; inRajendra passed the Masters in Law examination with honours and won a gold medal.

Later, he completed his Doctorate in Law as well.

Bharat Ratna – Wikipedia

Rajendra Prasad was one of the foremost disciples of Gandhi ji and he played a crucial role in Indian freedom struggle. Rajendra Prasad was chosen as the Chairperson of the Assembly for his exceptional ability and knowledge on constitutional matters.

Inafter 12 years as President, Dr. He passed away on February 28, Husain was born in Hyderabad, Telengana on 8 February He was a great educationist, politician of India and a great believer of Gandhian philosophy. He was an organizer of vocational educational system in Bhaeat.

His efforts were instrumental in the foundation of Jamia Millia Islamia a central university. Husain was one of the most prominent educational thinkers and practitioners of modern India.