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A stylish production of Kenneth Lonergan’s play is brimming with smart dialogue and fine performances. Lobby Hero plot summary, character breakdowns, context and analysis, and performance video clips. This astutely acted revival of Kenneth Lonergan’s play presents Chris Evans and Michael Cera Tell Lies to Live by in ‘Lobby Hero’.

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The boss of lonerhan lobby, William, is a black man close in age to Jeff, and William works hard to establish himself as the respected leader in their working environment.

Cops and security guards, those tasked with the protection of the everyday citizen, are presented as deeply flawed examples of humanity, as opposed to paragons of moral virtue. We witness the rightful downfall of a cop who pushes his authority too far after years of being celebrated by a department willing to turn a blind keneth to his hints of corruption, We also see the struggles a woman confronts in establishing herself in the same sexist workplace.


A black man who lives by the law and has always believed in the truth above llonergan else is tasked with navigating the dilemma of whether or not to lie for his possibly criminal brother, when the existing system of justice may not actually guarantee a fair trial that adequately holds him as innocent until proven guilty. Amidst it all, lojergan directionless, jokingly defensive young man is learning what it means to be a real adult.

The worth of experience is weighed heavily against the worth of ideals, and both ways of living in the world are given their kennety without bias. Lobby Hero digs into the grey areas brought forth in the current climate of policing, sexism, and race relations, and leaves no perspective unexamined. Sensitive and small while tackling massive issues, this play offers heart and depth to what are often polarizing conversations.

Broadway Review: Chris Evans in Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘Lobby Hero’

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Lobby Hero Play Writer:. Toggle navigation Choose Section. The lobby of an upscale Manhattan apartment building, New York City, the present.

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Lobby Hero review – Chris Evans hits Broadway in tight, timely drama | Stage | The Guardian

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