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Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “The Haunter of the Dark,” written in. The Haunter of the Dark has ratings and reviews. Alejandro said: Dark knowledge! DARKNESS FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEWThis tale is se. Title: The Haunter of the Dark Author: H.P. Lovecraft * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted .

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Somebody had played a joke on the superstitious hill-dwellers, or else some fanatic had striven to bolster up their fears for their own supposed good. During the dark hour praying crowds had clustered round the church in the rain with lighted candles and lamps somehow shielded with folded paper and umbrellas —a guard of light to save the city from the nightmare that stalks in darkness.

The Haunter of the Dark – Wikipedia

The clothing was in shreds, but some buttons and fragments of cloth bespoke a man’s grey suit. Dexter we may never know.

Marvel comics interpretation of Lovceraft Fiske confronting Dr. It was obvious that the young reporters of today are no antiquarians. Blake seized the cover of the long-open box and snapped it down.

It has it all: Such charring had to have been done on a small scale, otherwise only bone char would have been found instead of the damaged lovercaft. Certainly, the legendary writer kept abreast of emerging science news and expressed his thoughts on relativity and quantum physics both in his fiction and his letters.

It explores imagination beyond the ideal and finds that the mind can make of nothing absolutely everything. When two photons are entangled, a strange link forms between the two — a link that remains across even vast distances. This is part of the roots of modern Th horror.


The room, about fifteen feet square, was faintly lighted by four lancet windows, one on each side, which were glazed within hauhter screening of decayed louver-boards.

Every one of the tower’s lancet windows was broken, and two of them had been darkened in a crude and hurried way by the stuffing of satin pew-linings and cushion-horsehair into the spaces between the slanting exterior louver-boards.

In writing of these things in his diary, Blake expresses a curious kind of remorse, and talks of the duty of burying the Shining Trapezohedron and of banishing what he had evoked by letting daylight into the hideous jutting spire. He upbraids himself for not doing something, and speculates wildly on the consequences of another electrical breakdown.

While no evidence was found to connect the Church to the disappearances, the City was convinced they were to blame. The vaulted cellar was a vast one, without partitions; and in a corner far to the right, amid dense shadows, he saw a black archway evidently leading upstairs.

The sheer wonder of what the imagination can come up with is spread thickly through this story, where we follow a man named Blake as he explores an old, rundown church in the Italian Quarter of a town.

The Haunter of the Dark | Lovecraftian Science

Thus, before the end of approximately members of the Church left Providence and the church was boarded up until Edwin Dagk. Bicameral Killers, Blackface DJs. No light—no glass—see that steeple—that tower—window—can hear—Roderick Usher—am mad or going mad—the thing is stirring and fumbling in the tower—I am it and it is I—I want to get out.

He believed that a vague, singular aura of desolation hovered over the place, so that even the pigeons and swallows shunned its smoky eaves.

Is it not an avatar of Nyarlathotep, who in antique and shadowy Khem even took the form of man? It is true that the window he faced was unbroken, but nature has shown herself capable of many freakish performances.


Lovecraftian Science

The more energy the higher the health risk. From higher to lower frequencies, non-ionizing radiation includes light, infrared, microwaves, radio wave and extremely low frequency waves.

The case of Nephren-Ka is a little more complex. Such two-stage nuclear weapons generate substantially larger amounts of explosive power. His researches reveal that the church has a sinister history involving a cult called the Church of Starry Wisdom and is dreaded by the local migrant inhabitants as being haunted by a primeval evil.

Some of the high stone buttresses had fallen, and several delicate finials lay half lost among the brown, neglected weeds and grasses. His studio was in a north attic room, where the panes of the monitor roof furnished admirable lighting.

Just why it took his attention he could not tell, but something in its contours carried a message to his unconscious mind.

Blake had a curious sense that he was looking upon some unknown, ethereal world which might or might not vanish in dream if ever he tried to seek it out and enter it in person.

Fr O’Malley tells of devil-worship with box found in great Egyptian ruins—says they call up something that can’t exist in light. It has been suggested that this section be merged into Robert Harrison Blake. Plodding through the endless downtown streets and the bleak, decayed squares beyond, he came finally upon the ascending avenue of century-worn steps, sagging Doric porches, and blear-paned cupolas which he felt must lead up to the long-known, unreachable world beyond the mists.