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VFR Chart of LYTV. IFR Chart of LYTV. Location Information for LYTV. Coordinates: N42°’ / E18°’ View all Airports in Tivat, Montenegro. Elevation is. Printed on 21 Sep Notice: After 25 Sep Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc JEPPESEN. JeppView ^. This airport has Airline (CAO) charts. Can be changed in settings. LASTI 1RC & PINUK 1RA RNAV ARRS POD 1RA, 1RB, 1RC & 1RD RNAV ARRS A.

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VATAdria is combining a lot of interesting airports and specific airspace situations. Challenging and procedural approaches are numerous, known and famous airports will provide traffic situaions to your sarisfaction. With years of experience and training, our TD is assuring excellent Air Traffic Control service and user experience in out airspace.

Be sure to check out the WIKI/FAQ!

From Tower and all up to Enroute controllers, you will have pleasure of being controlled by our trainees and professionals. Adria Control is name of our ltyv stations that cover multiple FIRs.


Join us on Tuesdays for our regular online day starting at 19z. Also, our Yearly and special events are here to spice up weekly routine. Our mission is to provide superior ATC service to our fellow pilot visitors and to provide best possible training for our domestic and visiting ATCs. Our Training Department is at your service to help you achieve your goals. chqrts

Become an Air Traffic Controller! The easiest was for us to show you jsut how awsomee this is is to have you join in and see for yourself. cnarts

TIV – Tivat [Tivat Airport], ME – Airport – Great Circle Mapper

Go to contact page and contact us with our interest and preferences. New Name – same Team. With Albania airspace attached, we are supporting you on a much wider scale. There is no other way than growth.


Same day, same time. Every Tuesday at 18z 19z during chartz join us for our regular online day! Event always covers at least 3 countries in the region, but every Tuesday different airports are manned! Pilots, challenging approaches are awaiting, everyone is invited to join the party! Give us some feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!


VATAdria – VATSIM Adria

Want to become an ATC? Weekly and Special events.

ATC trainings fro domestic and visiting controllers. Be one of us and enjoy kick ass time online as pilot or ATC.