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atronic cashline manual for slot machines Product information Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and Casino Gaming Equipment and. Buy Sell Trade & Repair Slot Machines and Casino Gaming Equipment and Tables – atronic cashline manual for slot machines. Atronic Cashlineâ„¢ Slant Top. Installation Manual. Rev. Rel. February WARNING! This manual is intended to provide QUALIFIED.

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Published on Sep View 59 Download April – Atronic International GmbH. Check Actual Settings, Prepare for Programming PC Setup Main- Procedure Using Master Board 31 with previous software versions Topics covered by additional manuals Installation and Commisioning incl. OEM Peripherals Coin- and bill acceptors, hopper, printer, etc.

Master Board DIP switches are factorypre-set atrohic to customer requirements. It manua clear allstatistical data and according to excecution othermachine settings. Used to configure basic machine setting.

Paytable Configuration Only for selectable paytables Is initiated automaticallyafter Initial Setup, atromic a selectable paytable is installed. Adjustable via Initial Setup: This lists below are intended togive a brief overview and do notinclude all possible settings.

It allows to change hardwareconfiguration, upload JCM billtables and to activateadditional features. Jackpot ConfigurationProgressive Jackpot configuration is carried out bymeans of an external user program.

Software “A-LinkConfig”, dongle and setup cable is required. This topic is covered by the “Progressive Jackpots”manual. Menu SetupMenu Setup covers operator selectable machineconfiguration. It is part of the “Service Menu”, which isdirectly accessible during normal operation. This topicis covered by the “Operating” manual.

Following special equipment is needed to per-form procedures described in this manual! Paytable software is installed on the Master Board, socket U6. Security Device is installed on the Master Board, socket U Graphic software is installed on the Graphic Board, sockets U8 to U Sound software is installed on the Sound Board, sockets U18 to U Comm software is installed on the Comm Board, sockets U34 and U Master Board DIP switches arefactory pre-set according tocustomer requirements.

Please check for correctsettings before puting themachine into operation. Depending on whichMaster Board button is pressed during power up,4 different reset routines are available. See also page Switch power off and remove Master Board andComm Board.


Reinstall Master Board and Comm Board. Switch on power while holding that Master Boardbutton pressed, you have choosen from the table. Hold button s pressed until an audible signal con-firms that RAM Reset was successful.

Continues on next pageImportant: Wrong insertion will cause per-manent damage! Switch power off and remove Master Board.

Reinstall Master Board and switch on power. Press and hold Master Board Reset But-ton for approx. Carry out Touch Screen calibration as shown onscreen. Clear Memory Procedure is now finished. Following proceduresDepending on which Master Board button has beenpressed during power up, following procedures arepossible: No button or Reset Button pressed: Initial Setup settings have not been cleared.

Machine starts with the Initial Atroniv Summaryscreen. Settings can be confirmed or refused. Initial Setup settings have been cleared. Machinestarts Initial Setup with default settings. Carry outInitial Setup as described on pages All settings have been cleared. Turn Audit Key to clear message and carryout Initial Setup as described on pages.

Initial Setup will startautomatically after Clear Memory Procedure has beencarried out. Press Cashout button toconfirm settings or press any other button to refuse ztronic alter settings. If settings were refused, InitialSetup will start from the beginning, allowing to changesettings. Multi Denomination FeatureThe Multi Denomination Feature allows to enable up tofive player selectable denomination presets. Each sin-gle preset can have a different payout percentage value,allowing to assign higher payout percentages to higherdenominations.

Additionally PaytableConfiguration has more options to be configured.

Otherwise the machine will lock at startup. With Multi Denomination Feature enabled, meteringmode is set fixed to Extended mode. Following settings apply, if Multi Denomination Featurehas been enabled. If Multi Denomination Feature hasbeen disabled, proceed on next page. Make sure that the coin decal shows the same value. If Multi Denomination Feature is enabled, meteringmode is set fixed to “Extended” mode.

This specificmultiplier can only be set once. This string is displayed in the lower right cornerof the game screen. Accepted coin is 1 US-Dollarand should buy 4 credits. Themetering mode defines which statistical data iscounted. This data is saved in the machines statisticsand can be fetched by an connected accounting system optional. Main statistics are also counted by sixMechanical Meters. Three different metering modes are available: Standard Extended Extended with coins outEach metering mode has different ways of meteringand different options.


In Standard and Extended modesome meters are adjustable during Initial Setup. Availability of special functions “Win Payout Limit” and”Bonusing” also depends on metering mode setting.

looking for a Atronic cashline manual.

A ” ” indicates that this meteris adjustable during Initial Set-up and will be displayed. Non-adjustable meters are notdisplayed during Initial Setup. See also Initial Setup Flowcharton page Cashpine a detailed Mechanical Me-ter definition see Appendix page36 – If Multi Denomination Featurehas been enabled, meteringmode is set fixed to Extendedmode.

This limit determines the way wins are stronic. Theamount up to the limit will be paid either by the hopperor will go to the credit meter. The amount higher thanthe limit has to be hand paid. Limit is specified in currency! If set to partly the win amount up to the credit limit isadded to atromic credit meter. Only available if the machine isconfigured for Token separation.

Only available if “Jackpot MeterReporting” has been set to”Standard” mode. Only available if “Set Win PayoutLimit?

Atronic Cashline Titan Cabinet Installation Manual

If bonusing is enabled, it is not possible to configure a”Celebration Limit” via Menu Setup. In this menu the group number can beentered Leave Group at 0 zero for: If set to No, the machine runs withor without a Comm Board being detected. Set to YES if onlinecommunication is vital e.

Not available, if “Jackpot Me-ter Reporting” has been set to”Standard”. The player panel stays active and the player canplace a new bet. In this case the handpay requestwill be cancelled. Player has to wait for handpay.

Atronic Cash Line Manual

If cash out button is pressedthe following message is shown: The Player hasto play off residual credits in normal gameplay. Thisfeature screen is similar to the Double Up screen. The residual credits can be gambled to a full coin,which is paid out immediately.