Mirage Is A Phenomenon Due To

Mirage Is A Phenomenon Due To
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Mirage Is A Phenomenon Due To Refraction and Reflection of Light

A mirage is an optical phenomenon caused by refraction and reflection of light. It is a type of illusion that makes an object appear to be in a different place or have different properties than it actually does. Mirages are typically seen in deserts, on hot roads, and over bodies of water. They can also be seen in other environments, such as the sky or on mountain tops. The science behind mirages is fairly simple. The atmosphere is composed of different layers of air with different temperatures and densities. When light passes through these layers, it refracts, or bends, causing the light to be diverted from its original course. When the light hits an object, such as the ground, it reflects off the surface, creating a “mirage” image.

Types of Mirage

There are several different types of mirages that can be observed. The most common type is the “inferior mirage”, which is caused by a temperature inversion. This occurs when the air temperature increases with height, instead of decreasing. In this situation, light rays passing through the warm air bend downward, causing the object to appear as if it’s floating or inverted. Inferior mirages are most commonly seen on hot roads, where the air near the surface is hotter than the air further up. Another type of mirage is the “superior mirage”. This is caused by a temperature gradient where the air is colder near the surface and warmer higher up. This causes light rays to bend upward, making the object appear to be floating above the surface. Superior mirages are usually seen over bodies of water and can make objects appear larger than they actually are.

Fata Morgana Mirage

The Fata Morgana is a type of mirage that is often seen in polar regions. It is caused by the refraction of light through layers of air with different temperatures and densities. In this case, the light is bent multiple times, creating a distorted and layered image. The Fata Morgana can make objects appear to be far away, or make them appear to be floating in the air.

Mirages and Astronomy

Mirages can be seen in the night sky as well. When a star or other celestial object is viewed through Earth’s atmosphere, the light from the object is refracted by the atmosphere, creating a distorted image. This phenomenon is known as an “astronomical mirage”. Astronomical mirages are often used by astronomers to observe distant objects, such as stars and galaxies.

Man-made Mirages

Mirages can also be created artificially. This is done by using a mirror to reflect light in a certain direction, creating the illusion of an object being in a different place than it actually is. Man-made mirages are often used in military and security applications, such as camouflage.


Mirages are a fascinating phenomenon that can be seen in many different environments. They are caused by the refraction and reflection of light, which can be natural or man-made. Mirages can make objects appear to be floating or inverted, and can even be seen in the night sky. Understanding how and why mirages occur can help us appreciate and understand the world around us.