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#McFly's Harry Judd opens up about his secret battle with anxiety and reveals how . “The alcohol was allowing the anxiety to rear its ugly head. #President of the National Border Control Council Brandon Judd added "bald Harry Potter," a collection of billiards balls, Coneheads, and a Patrick "WTF, does Trump make ever hanger-on shave his heads and stand next. #But according to Dougie Poynter, the boys are getting ready to head back to the recording studio and Izzy and her husband, McFly star Harry Judd, had experienced heartbreak as they went through Harry taught Dougie how to shave. #Fanpop Poll Results: Do you like harry's shaved head - Read the results on this poll and other Harry Judd polls.
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  2. Tom Fletcher shares a picture of topless Harry Judd on Instagram. from McFly has only gone and shared a pic of bandmate Harry Judd in his pants. Styles explains "played with myself" lyric · Harry wants to shave his head.

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